NZAO's mission is to improve the eye health of New Zealanders by raising awareness of eye health and reducing the number of people who go blind from preventable causes.

In 2002, The New Zealand Association of Optometrists created a public awareness campaign called Save Our Sight. This month-long campaign ran yearly until 2019. 

The aims of Save our Sight were:

  • To improve the eye health of New Zealanders by letting people know a regular eye examination by an optometrist can save their sight
  • To improve understanding among New Zealanders that eye health is an essential part of maintaining personal health and wellbeing and they can take action by scheduling an eye examination every 2 years
  • To educate people about the realities of living with impaired vision and the importance of vision for performance at school, at work, and at play

 The health information from the Save Our Sight website is now available here.

The Campaign Throughout the Years

The poster that paired with the 2018/2019 public health Save Our Sight campaign.

Don't get blindsided! Eye Disease can develop with no early warning signs. Visiting the optometrist does not mean that you will require a new pair of glasses. Optometry is about ensuring the ongoing health and well-being of your eyes! To find out about getting your comprehensive 9-step eye exam, talk to your NZAO Optometrist
Save our Sight Month (September) has been an annual event since 2002 when New Zealand’s optometrists took note of the fact that 20% of the people accessing services for the blind had lost their sight from preventable causes. According to the World Health Organisation, 75% of the world’s blindness is preventable. NZAO optometrists want to ensure that those who can avoid blindness do so by ensuring their eye health is a priority.
For eye conditions that result in blindness, early detection can lead to better diagnosis, treatment and management. The best way to find them earlier is by having regular comprehensive eye examinations. For this reason, NZAO optometrists take the opportunity each year to remind kiwis how precious their sight is, and the importance of the 9-step comprehensive eye exam for maintaining good eye health.
NZAO optometrists are also looking to educate kiwis that there is more to optometry than purchasing a new pair of glasses. Optometrists are registered health practitioners just like GPs, only they work exclusively with eyes. Optometrists must make a diagnosis before prescribing a treatment. They may treat with medicines, refer for surgery or prescribe glasses.

Save Our Sight - Stop preventable vision loss with a 9 step comprehensive eye examination. Visiting an optometrist does not mean you will require a new pair of glasses. Optometry is about ensuring the ongoing health and well-being of your eyes!

Save Our Sight - Have you made time to save your sight? A comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist consist of 9 key checks. They take around 30 minutes.