Resources for GPs

Optometrists in New Zealand are qualified and equipped to provide a comprehensive range of primary eye care services.

  • Refractive testing and comprehensive vision examinations
  • Prescription of glasses or contact lenses
  • Assessment, management and referrals of ocular emergencies
  • Assessment and treatment of vision problems in children
  • Co-management and primary care monitoring of patients with ongoing eye conditions
  • Primary eye care for management of patients with diabetes, including dilated fundus examination
  • Visual acuity testing, slit lamp examination, visual fields testing
  • Removal of embedded corneal foreign bodies
  • Assessment and reporting for fitness to drive; credentialed optometrists are also able to undertake examinations for aviation licensing on behalf of CAA.

Therapeutically endorsed optometrists are authorised to possess, use and prescribe medicines – in the form of topical eye drops and oral medication to treat eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, uveitis and glaucoma.


As a general practitioner you can refer your patients to an optometrist for many aspects of primary eye care, including:

  • red eyes – infection, inflammation, allergy
  • foreign body removal
  • suspicion of eye disease such as glaucoma, retinal detachment etc
  • contact lenses
  • sports vision
  • colour vision
  • low vision
  • paediatric vision
  • vision therapy
  • workplace occupational health and safety

Effective collaboration between general practitioners and optometrists can enhance patient care and better utilise valuable ophthalmology time.

Connect with your local optometrist to refer your patients for a comprehensive eye examination. 

Recommend our NZAO website to your patients if they require further information about eye health and optometry services


Resources for general practitioners: